Great Chefs Scoop Alike

Great Chefs Scoop Alike

Figaro Gelato Now Serving Pints


Mention you saw sale items on our Web site and you’ll receive a 30% discount off our list price while supplies last.


These flavors are available as of 2/22/17.


The Latest Scoop Premium

Caramel Apple (6 Liter Round)
Egg Nog (5 Liter Liner/6 Liter Round)  - 50% off list price
Peppermint Bark (6 Liter Round/Case of Pints)
Pumpkin (5 Liter Liner) - 50% off list price
Pumpkin Pie (5 Liter Liner/6 Liter Round/Case of Pints)  - 50% off list price
White Chocolate Peppermint (5 Liter Liner)
Sangria Sorbet (6 Liter Round) 
The Latest Scoop Traditional
Sangria Sorbet (5 Liter Liner)

The Latest Scoop™

Ginger Pear Sorbet Scoops Up the Specialty Food Association 2012 sofi ™ Gold Award for Outstanding New Product

Wednesday, 20 June 2012 01:45
The Specialty Food Association 2012 sofi has named The Latest Scoop Ginger Pear