Great Chefs Scoop Alike

Great Chefs Scoop Alike

Figaro Gelato Now Serving Pints

What Is Gelato?

Italian ice cream, or gelato, is a premium ice cream which differs from American-style (grocery store) ice cream in three distinct ways: ingredients, air content and dairy.  These differences result in gelato providing a much richer, creamier taste than ice cream.


Cable Car Delights, Inc. gelatos and sorbettos are produced using generous quantities of the best ingredients.  Among our flavors, you will easily recognize the real vanilla extracts, real fruits and the finest chocolates.

Air Content

Cable Car Delights, Inc.'s gelato has no air content compared to American-style ice cream which has about 40% air. From a visual perspective, a 3-gallon container of a grocery store style ice cream could be melted down providing the about same quantity of ingredients as found in our 1.5-gallon containers. The absence of air in our product will provide a more full, rich flavor than ice cream.

Dairy Product

Our dairy product is a specialized blend of cream and sweetener.  In particular, our higher cream content in gelato contributes to increased flavor.  The overall blend combines to provide a much richer taste and creamier texture than ice cream.

About The Latest Scoop Premium

The Latest Scoop made by Cable Car Delights, Inc. in Berkeley, CA

The Latest Scoop Premium brand features the richest dairy base (gelatos only), generous portions of the best  available ingredients and absolutely NO air content! This combination provides the richest flavor and creamiest texture available.

About The Latest Scoop Traditional

About The Latest Scoop Traditional made by The Latest Scoop in Berkeley, CAThe Latest Scoop Traditional brand, our truly artisan brand of gelato, features a rich dairy base, considerable portions of the best available ingredients and minimal air content and prepared with the detail expected in your gelateria! This product is comparable in characteristics to our competitions super-premium brand, but at a price as much as 20% less!

The Latest Scoop™

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