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Premium Flavor List

TLS Premium Flavor List
BrandGelato or Sorbet FlavorPackaging
Premium1-BAN51 Banana 5-L
Premium1-BAN61 Banana 6-L
Premium1-BUC61 Burgundy Cherry 6-L
Premium1-CAB61 Caramel Balsamic 6-L
Premium1-CAR61 Caramel 6-L
Premium1-CAS51 Caramel Sea Salt 5-L
Premium1-CAS61 Caramel Sea Salt 6-L
Premium1-CASP2 Caramel Sea Salt
Premium1-CCC51 Caramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 5-L
Premium1-CCC61 Caramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 6-L
Premium1-CCCP2 Caramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch Case of 12 Pints
Premium1-CDA51 Coffee Dutch Almond 5-L
Premium1-CDA61 Coffee Dutch Almond 6-L
Premium1-CHB61 Chocolate Brownie 6-L
Premium1-CHC51 Chocolate Cherries 5-L
Premium1-CHH51 Chocolate Hazelnut 5-L
Premium1-CHH61 Chocolate Hazelnut 6-L
Premium1-CHO51 Chocolate 5-L
Premium1-CHO61 Chocolate 6-L
Premium1-CIN62 Cinnamon 6-L
Premium1-COA51 Coconut Almond Crunch 5-L
Premium1-COA61 Coconut Almond Crunch 6-L
Premium1-COB51 Cookie Butter 5-L
Premium1-COB61 Cookie Butter 6-L
Premium1-COC61 Coconut Gelato 6-L
Premium1-COD51 Cookie Dough 5-L
Premium1-COD61 Cookie Dough 6-L
Premium1-COF61 Coffee 6-L
Premium1-COI51 Irish Coffee 5-L
Premium1-COO51 Cookies 5-L
Premium1-COO61 Cookies 6-L
Premium1-COP51 Coconut Pineapple 5-L
Premium1-CRB61 Creme Brulee 6-L
Premium1-DCH51 Dark Chocolate 5-L
Premium1-DCH62 Dark Chocolate 6-L
Premium1-DCHP2 Dark Chocolate Case of 12 Pints
Premium1-DCO52 Dark Cookies 'n Cream 5-L
Premium1-DCO62 Dark Cookies 'n Cream 6-L
Premium1-EGN61 Egg Nog 6-L
Premium1-ESB51 Espresso Bean 5-L
Premium1-ESB61 Espresso Bean 6-L
Premium1-FVB61 French Vanilla Bean 6-L
Premium1-HAZ51 Hazelnut 5-L
Premium1-HAZ61 Hazelnut 6-L
Premium1-HLA51 Honey Lavender 5-L
Premium1-HLAP2 Honey Lavender Case of 12 Pints
Premium1-IBA51 Ibarra 5-L
Premium1-IBA61 Ibarra 6-L
Premium1-IBAP2 Mexican Chocolate Case of 12 Pints
Premium1-KAH51 Kahlua 5-L
Premium1-KAH61 Kahlua 6-L
Premium1-LYC51 Lychee 5-L
Premium1-LYC61 Lychee 6-L
Premium1-LYCP2 Lychee Case of 12 Pints
Premium1-MAF61 Mocha Almond Flake 6-L
Premium1-MIC52 Mint Chip 5-L
Premium1-MIC62 Mint Chip 6-L
Premium1-MICP2 Mint Chip Case of 12 Pints
Premium1-PBC51 Peanut Butter Chocolate 5-L
Premium1-PEB61 Peppermint Bark 6-L
Premium1-PEP61 Pecan Praline 6-L
Premium1-PUM61 Pumpkin 6-L
Premium1-PUPP1 Pumpkin Pie Case of 8 Pints
Premium1-RUM61 Spiced Rum Raisin 6-L
Premium1-SPU41 Spumoni 4-L
Premium1-SPU52 Spumoni 5-L
Premium1-SPU62 Spumoni 6-L
Premium1-STA51 Stracciatella 5-L
Premium1-STR52 Strawberry 5-L
Premium1-STR62 Strawberry 6-L
Premium1-VAB51 Vanilla Bean 5-L
Premium1-VAB61 Vanilla Bean 6-L
Premium1-VABP2 Vanilla Bean Case of 12 Pints
Premium1-VACP1 Cherry Vanilla Case of 8 Pints
Premium1-WHC61 White Chocolate 6-L
Premium1-WHP51 White Pistachio 5-L
Premium1-WHP61 White Pistachio 6-L
Premium1-WHPP1 White Pistachio Case of 8 Pints
Premium1-WHPP2 White Pistachio Case of 12 Pints
Premium1-WHR62 White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl 6-L
Premium2-BAS51 Blackberry Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-BCS51 Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-BCS61 Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-BOS61 Blood Orange Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-BOSP2 Blood Orange Sorbet Case of 12 Pints
Premium2-GPS51 Ginger Pear Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-GPS61 Ginger Pear Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-GPSP3 Ginger Pear Sorbet Case of 12 Pints
Premium2-LCS51 Lemon Champagne Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-LES53 Lemon Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-LES64 Lemon Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-MAS51 Mango Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-MAS61 Mango Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-MASP2 Mango Sorbet Case of 12 Pints
Premium2-PCS51 Peach Champagne Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-PCS61 Peach Champagne Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-PFS61 Passion Fruit Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-PGSP2 Passion Fruit Guava Sorbet Case of 12 Pints
Premium2-RAS51 Raspberry Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-RAS61 Raspberry Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-RASP2 Raspberry Sorbet Case of 12 Pints
Premium2-RZS6 Raspberry Zinfandel Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-STS52 Strawberry Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-STS62 Strawberry Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-ZCIP1 Mexican Chocolate Coconut Cream Case of 8 Pints
Premium2-ZCO51 Coconut Sorbet 5-L
Premium2-ZCV61 Coconut Vanilla Sorbet 6-L
Premium2-ZCVP2 Vanilla Coconut Cream Case of 12 Pints
Premium2-ZDCP1 Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream Non-Dairy Case of 8 Pints
Premium2-ZDCP2 Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream Non-Dairy Case of 12 Pints
Premium2-ZMCP1 Mint Cookies Coconut Cream Case of 8 Pints
Premium2-ZMCP2 Mint Cookies Coconut Cream Case of 12 Pints


Passion Fruit Guava Sorbet

The Latest Scoop Premium brand of gelatos features the richest dairy base, generous portions of only the best available ingredients and absolutely no air content!

This combination provides the richest flavor and creamiest texture available. The Latest Scoop Premium brand of gelatos is produced in two types of containers: 6-Liter rounds and 5-Liter Italian liners. 4-Liter liners are available upon request. Not all flavors are produced year-round, however we do offer seasonal flavors.

Feel free to contact us if a flavor you want is not packaged in a preferred container size or if you would like to special order a flavor that is not produced year-round.

The Latest Scoop remains dedicated to producing and distributing premium gelatos and sorbets to meet the diverse requirements of its clientele.

Please call us at (510) 849-0143 or provide details here:Contact Us and we will be in touch within one (1) business day.