Seasonal & Specials

Check out our gelato and sorbet flavor list for seasonal flavors and closeout specials!

BrandGelato, Sorbet or Non-DairyFlavor  
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Chocolate Toffee 5-L LinerCloseout 50% Off
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Chocolate Toffee 6-L RoundCloseout 50% Off
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Gelato 6-L RoundSeasonal
PremiumGelatoCaramel Balsamic6-L RoundCloseout 50% Off
TraditionalNon-DairyDark Chocolate Coconut Cream5-L LinerCloseout 50% Off
PremiumGelatoEgg Nog6-L RoundCloseout 50% Off
TraditionalGelatoGinger 5-L LinerSeasonal
PremiumSorbetGinger Pear Sorbet5-L LinerSeasonal
PremiumSorbetGinger Pear SorbetPint (Case of 12 - Pints)Seasonal
PremiumSorbetGinger Pear Sorbet6-L RoundSeasonal
PremiumGelatoHazelnut5-L LinerSeasonal
PremiumGelatoHazelnut6-L RoundSeasonal
TraditionalGelatoHazelnut 5-L LinerSeasonal
PremiumGelatoIrish Coffee5-L LinerSeasonal
PremiumSorbetLemon Champagne Sorbet5-L LinerSeasonal
TraditionalNon-DairyMexican Chocolate Coconut Cream5-L LinerCloseout 50% Off
TraditionalGelatoMocha Almond Flake 5-L LinerSeasonal
TraditionalSorbetOrange Cranberry Sorbet 5-L LinerSeasonal
TraditionalSorbetOrange Cranberry Sorbet 6-L RoundSeasonal
PremiumSorbetPeach Champagne Sorbet6-L RoundSeasonal
TraditionalSorbetPeach Champagne Sorbet 4-L LinerSeasonal
TraditionalSorbetPeach Champagne Sorbet 5-L LinerSeasonal
PremiumSorbetPeach/Champagne Sorbet5-L LinerSeasonal
PremiumGelatoPecan Praline6-L RoundSeasonal
TraditionalGelatoPecan Praline 4-L LinerSeasonal
TraditionalGelatoPecan Praline 5-L LinerSeasonal
PremiumGelatoPumpkin6-L RoundSeasonal
TraditionalGelatoPumpkin Pie 5-L LinerCloseout 50% Off
PremiumGelatoSpicy Pumpkin-All NaturalPint (Case of 12 - Pints)Seasonal
TraditionalNon-DairyThe Bomb - Coconut Chocolate base with Peanut Butter, Mini Marshmallow & Brownie Bites5-L LinerCloseout 50% Off