Seasonal & Specials

Check out our gelato and sorbet flavor list for seasonal flavors and closeout specials!

PremiumGinger Pear Sorbet5-L LinerSorbetAward Winning!
PremiumGinger Pear Sorbet6-L RoundSorbetAward Winning!
PremiumGinger Pear SorbetPint (Case)SorbetAward Winning!
PremiumPassion Fruit Guava SorbetPint (Case)SorbetAward Winning!
TraditionalPassion Fruit Guava Sorbet5-L LinerSorbetAward Winning!
TraditionalPassion Fruit Guava Sorbet6-L RoundSorbetAward Winning!
PremiumLemon Champagne Sorbet6-L RoundSorbetCloseout Sale