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Traditional Flavor List

TLS Traditional Flavor List
BrandGelato or SorbetFlavorPackaging
TraditionalGelatoAmaretto Nut 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBlueberry Cheesecake 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Chocolate Toffee 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Chocolate Toffee 6-L
TraditionalGelatoBanana Chocolate Walnut 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBlack Cherry 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Gelato 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Gelato 6-L
TraditionalGelatoBurgundy Cherry 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCaramel Sea Salt 4-L
TraditionalGelatoCaramel Sea Salt 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCaramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 4-L
TraditionalGelatoCaramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCoffee Dutch Almond 5-L
TraditionalGelatoChocolate Brownie 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGianduia - Chocolate Hazelnut 5-L
TraditionalGelatoDark Chocolate Gelato 4-L
TraditionalGelatoDark Chocolate 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCinnamon 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCoconut Almond Crunch 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCookie Butter 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCookie Dough 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCookies 'n Cream 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCoffee Toffee 5-L
TraditionalGelatoDulce de Leche 5-L
TraditionalGelatoEgg Nog 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGrappa & Golden Raisin 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGreen Tea 5-L
TraditionalGelatoHazelnut 5-L
TraditionalGelatoMint Chip Verde 5-L
TraditionalGelatoPeanut Butter Cookies 5-L
TraditionalGelatoPeppermint Bark 5-L
TraditionalGelatoPecan Praline 4-L
TraditionalGelatoPecan Praline 5-L
TraditionalGelatoPistachio Sicilia 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBlack Sesame 5-L
TraditionalGelatoStracciatella 4-L
TraditionalGelatoStracciatella 5-L
TraditionalGelatoStrawberry Fresco 4-L
TraditionalGelatoStrawberry Fresco 5-L
TraditionalGelatoTiramisu 5-L
TraditionalGelatoVanilla Bean 4-L
TraditionalGelatoVanilla Bean 5-L
TraditionalGelatoVanilla Bean - All Natural 6-L
TraditionalGelatoWhite Pistachio 5-L
TraditionalSorbetBlood Orange Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetGuava Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetLemon Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetLemon Lavender Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetMango Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetMeyer Lemon Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetPeach Champagne 4-L
TraditionalSorbetPeach Champagne 5-L
TraditionalSorbetPassion Fruit Guava Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetPassion Fruit Guava Sorbet 6-L
TraditionalSorbetRaspberry Sorbet 4-L
TraditionalSorbetRaspberry Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetStrawberry Banana Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetStrawberry Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetCookies & Chips Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
TraditionalSorbetMexican Chocolate Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
TraditionalSorbetVanilla Coconut Cream 5-L
TraditionalSorbetDark Chocolate Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
TraditionalSorbetIrish Morning 5-L
TraditionalSorbetMint Cookies Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L

The Latest Scoop Traditional is our truly artisan brand of gelato, which features a rich dairy base and considerable portions of the best available ingredients.

This brand of gelato is prepared with minimal air content and with the detail expected in an Italian gelateria! This product is comparable in characteristics to our competition’s super-premium brand with a price point of as much as 20% less!

Please call us at (510) 849-0143 or provide details here:Contact Us and we will be in touch within one (1) business day.