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Traditional Flavor List

TLS Traditional Flavor List
BrandGelato or Sorbet FlavorPackaging
Traditional3-BCH51 Blueberry Cheesecake 5-L
Traditional3-BCT51 Bourbon Chocolate Toffee 5-L
Traditional3-BCT61 Bourbon Chocolate Toffee 6-L
Traditional3-BCW52 Banana Chocolate Walnut 5-L
Traditional3-BLC51 Black Cherry 5-L
Traditional3-BOU61 Bourbon Gelato 6-L
Traditional3-BUC51 Burgundy Cherry 5-L
Traditional3-CAS41 Caramel Sea Salt 4-L
Traditional3-CAS51 Caramel Sea Salt 5-L
Traditional3-CCC41 Caramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 4-L
Traditional3-CCC51 Caramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 5-L
Traditional3-CCI51 Chai Chocolate Chip 5-L
Traditional3-CDA52 Coffee Dutch Almond 5-L
Traditional3-CHB52 Chocolate Brownie 5-L
Traditional3-CHH53 Gianduia - Chocolate Hazelnut 5-L
Traditional3-CHO41 Dark Chocolate Gelato 4-L
Traditional3-CHO52 Dark Chocolate 5-L
Traditional3-CHP51 Cherry Pie 5-L
Traditional3-CIN51 Cinnamon 5-L
Traditional3-COA51 Coconut Almond Crunch 5-L
Traditional3-COB51 Cookie Butter 5-L
Traditional3-COO53 Cookies 'n Cream 5-L
Traditional3-COT52 Coffee Toffee 5-L
Traditional3-DUL51 Dulce de Leche 5-L
Traditional3-EGN51 Egg Nog 5-L
Traditional3-ESB51 Espresso Bean 5-L
Traditional3-GIN51 Ginger Gelato 5-L
Traditional3-GOA51 Goat Cheese 5-L
Traditional3-GRA51 Grappa & Golden Raisin 5-L
Traditional3-GRT51 Green Tea 5-L
Traditional3-HAZ51 Hazelnut 5-L
Traditional3-HOR61 Horchata Traditional 6 lt. Round))6-L
Traditional3-MAF54 Mocha Almond Flake 5-L
Traditional3-MIC51 Mint Chip Verde 5-L
Traditional3-PEC51 Peppermint Bark 5-L
Traditional3-PEP51 Pecan Praline 5-L
Traditional3-PIS51 Pistachio Sicilia 5-L
Traditional3-PUM6N All Natural Pumpkin 6-L
Traditional3-SES51 Black Sesame 5-L
Traditional3-STA51 Stracciatella 5-L
Traditional3-STR41 Strawberry Fresco 4-L
Traditional3-STR52 Strawberry Fresco 5-L
Traditional3-TIR51 Tiramisu 5-L
Traditional3-VAB41 Vanilla Bean 4-L
Traditional3-VAB51 Vanilla Bean 5-L
Traditional3-VAB61 Vanilla Bean 6-L
Traditional3-VAB6N Vanilla Bean - All Natural 6-L
Traditional3-WHP51 White Pistachio 5-L
Traditional3-WHP62 White Pistachio 6-L
Traditional3-WPG51 Green Pistachio 5-L
Traditional4-BOS52 Blood Orange Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-LES52 Lemon Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-LLS52 Lemon Lavender Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-MAG61 Mangonada Sorbet 6-L
Traditional4-MAS51 Mango Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-MLS51 Meyer Lemon Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-PCS41 Peach Champagne 4-L
Traditional4-PCS51 Peach Champagne 5-L
Traditional4-PGS51 Passion Fruit Guava Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-PGS61 Passion Fruit Guava Sorbet 6-L
Traditional4-RAS41 Raspberry Sorbet 4-L
Traditional4-RAS51 Raspberry Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-ZBC51 The Bomb - Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
Traditional4-ZCB51 Charlie Brown Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
Traditional4-ZCC51 Cookies & Chips Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
Traditional4-ZCO51 Coconut Cream 5-L
Traditional4-ZCV51 Vanilla Coconut Cream 5-L
Traditional4-ZDC51 Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
Traditional4-ZIM51 Irish Morning 5-L
Traditional4-ZMC51 Mint Cookies Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L

The Latest Scoop Traditional is our truly artisan brand of gelato, which features a rich dairy base and considerable portions of the best available ingredients.

This brand of gelato is prepared with minimal air content and with the detail expected in an Italian gelateria! This product is comparable in characteristics to our competition’s super-premium brand with a price point of as much as 20% less!

Please call us at (510) 849-0143 or provide details here:Contact Us and we will be in touch within one (1) business day.