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The Latest Scoop Traditional is our truly artisan brand of gelato, which features a rich dairy base and considerable portions of the best available ingredients.

Traditional Flavor List

TLS Traditional Flavor List
BrandGelato or Sorbet FlavorPackaging
Traditional3-BCH51 Blueberry Cheesecake 5-L
Traditional3-BCT51 Bourbon Chocolate Toffee 5-L
Traditional3-BCT61 Bourbon Chocolate Toffee 6-L
Traditional3-BCW52 Banana Chocolate Walnut 5-L
Traditional3-BLC51 Black Cherry 5-L
Traditional3-BOU61 Bourbon Gelato 6-L
Traditional3-BUC51 Burgundy Cherry 5-L
Traditional3-CAS41 Caramel Sea Salt 4-L
Traditional3-CAS51 Caramel Sea Salt 5-L
Traditional3-CCC41 Caramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 4-L
Traditional3-CCC51 Caramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 5-L
Traditional3-CCI51 Chai Chocolate Chip 5-L
Traditional3-CDA52 Coffee Dutch Almond 5-L
Traditional3-CHB52 Chocolate Brownie 5-L
Traditional3-CHH53 Gianduia - Chocolate Hazelnut 5-L
Traditional3-CHO41 Dark Chocolate Gelato 4-L
Traditional3-CHO52 Dark Chocolate 5-L
Traditional3-CHP51 Cherry Pie 5-L
Traditional3-CIN51 Cinnamon 5-L
Traditional3-COA51 Coconut Almond Crunch 5-L
Traditional3-COB51 Cookie Butter 5-L
Traditional3-COO53 Cookies 'n Cream 5-L
Traditional3-COT52 Coffee Toffee 5-L
Traditional3-DUL51 Dulce de Leche 5-L
Traditional3-EGN51 Egg Nog 5-L
Traditional3-ESB51 Espresso Bean 5-L
Traditional3-GIN51 Ginger Gelato 5-L
Traditional3-GOA51 Goat Cheese 5-L
Traditional3-GRA51 Grappa & Golden Raisin 5-L
Traditional3-GRT51 Green Tea 5-L
Traditional3-HAZ51 Hazelnut 5-L
Traditional3-HOR61 Horchata Traditional 6 lt. Round))6-L
Traditional3-MAF54 Mocha Almond Flake 5-L
Traditional3-MIC51 Mint Chip Verde 5-L
Traditional3-PEC51 Peppermint Bark 5-L
Traditional3-PEP51 Pecan Praline 5-L
Traditional3-PIS51 Pistachio Sicilia 5-L
Traditional3-PUM6N All Natural Pumpkin 6-L
Traditional3-SES51 Black Sesame 5-L
Traditional3-STA51 Stracciatella 5-L
Traditional3-STR41 Strawberry Fresco 4-L
Traditional3-STR52 Strawberry Fresco 5-L
Traditional3-TIR51 Tiramisu 5-L
Traditional3-VAB41 Vanilla Bean 4-L
Traditional3-VAB51 Vanilla Bean 5-L
Traditional3-VAB61 Vanilla Bean 6-L
Traditional3-VAB6N Vanilla Bean - All Natural 6-L
Traditional3-WHP51 White Pistachio 5-L
Traditional3-WHP62 White Pistachio 6-L
Traditional3-WPG51 Green Pistachio 5-L
Traditional4-BOS52 Blood Orange Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-LES52 Lemon Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-LLS52 Lemon Lavender Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-MAG61 Mangonada Sorbet 6-L
Traditional4-MAS51 Mango Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-MLS51 Meyer Lemon Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-PCS41 Peach Champagne 4-L
Traditional4-PCS51 Peach Champagne 5-L
Traditional4-PGS51 Passion Fruit Guava Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-PGS61 Passion Fruit Guava Sorbet 6-L
Traditional4-RAS41 Raspberry Sorbet 4-L
Traditional4-RAS51 Raspberry Sorbet 5-L
Traditional4-ZBC51 The Bomb - Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
Traditional4-ZCB51 Charlie Brown Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
Traditional4-ZCC51 Cookies & Chips Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
Traditional4-ZCO51 Coconut Cream 5-L
Traditional4-ZCV51 Vanilla Coconut Cream 5-L
Traditional4-ZDC51 Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
Traditional4-ZIM51 Irish Morning 5-L
Traditional4-ZMC51 Mint Cookies Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L