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The Latest Scoop Traditional is our truly artisan brand of gelato, which features a rich dairy base and considerable portions of the best available ingredients.

Traditional Flavor List

TLS Traditional Flavor List
BrandGelato or SorbetFlavorPackaging
TraditionalGelatoAmaretto Nut 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Chocolate Toffee 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBanana Chocolate Walnut 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBlack Cherry 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBourbon Gelato 5-L
TraditionalGelatoBurgundy Cherry 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCaramel Sea Salt 4-L
TraditionalGelatoCaramel Sea Salt 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCaramel Chocolate Coffee Crunch 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCoffee Dutch Almond 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGianduia - Chocolate Hazelnut 5-L
TraditionalGelatoDark Chocolate 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCinnamon 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCoconut Almond Crunch 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCookie Butter 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCookie Dough 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCookies 'n Cream 5-L
TraditionalGelatoCoffee Toffee 5-L
TraditionalGelatoDulce de Leche 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGinger Snaps 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGinger Gelato 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGoat Cheese 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGrappa & Golden Raisin 5-L
TraditionalGelatoGreen Tea 5-L
TraditionalGelatoHazelnut 5-L
TraditionalGelatoHoney Lavender 5-L
TraditionalGelatoMocha Almond Flake 5-L
TraditionalGelatoMint Chip Verde 5-L
TraditionalGelatoPeanut Butter Chocolate Traditional 6 lt. Round))6-L
TraditionalGelatoPecan Praline 4-L
TraditionalGelatoPistachio Sicilia 5-L
TraditionalGelatoPumpkin Pie 5-L
TraditionalGelatoRocky Road 5-L
TraditionalGelatoStrawberry Fresco 4-L
TraditionalGelatoStrawberry Fresco 5-L
TraditionalGelatoTiramisu 5-L
TraditionalGelatoVanilla Bean 4-L
TraditionalGelatoVanilla Bean 5-L
TraditionalGelatoVanilla Bean 6-L
TraditionalGelatoWhite Pistachio 5-L
TraditionalSorbetBlood Orange Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetCookies & Chips Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
TraditionalSorbetMexican Chocolate Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
TraditionalSorbetDark Chocolate Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
TraditionalSorbetMint Cookies Coconut Cream Non-Dairy 5-L
TraditionalSorbetCoconut Cream 5-L
TraditionalSorbetVanilla Coconut Cream 5-L
TraditionalSorbetMango Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetPeach Champagne 4-L
TraditionalSorbetPeach Champagne 5-L
TraditionalSorbetPassion Fruit Guava Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetPassion Fruit Guava Sorbet 6-L
TraditionalSorbetRaspberry Sorbet 4-L
TraditionalSorbetRaspberry Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetStrawberry Banana Sorbet 5-L
TraditionalSorbetStrawberry Sorbet 5-L